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We proudly sell all types of dump trailers.

Dump trailers are specialized trailers that are designed to transport and dump loose materials, like gravel, sand, dirt, debris, or construction waste. These trailers are commonly used in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and other industries where transporting and unloading large amounts of material is crucial.

Dump Trailers in Shelbyville, Illinois

Dump trailers come equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanism that allows the bed of the trailer to be raised and tilted, causing the contents to unload from the rear of the trailer. This mechanism usually consists of a hydraulic cylinder, which is powered by a hydraulic pump and operated by the operator of the trailer.

Dump trailers are available in all kinds of different sizes and capacities to suit various needs and applications. For instance, smaller dump trailer models may be used for landscaping projects or even residential purposes, whereas larger trailers are most frequently used for commercial or industrial tasks.

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At Trailers Direct of Springfield, dump trailers are one of the many different types of trailers that our team is proud to sell. If you are in the Shelbyville, Illinois area and looking to invest in a new dump trailer, we encourage you to check out our extensive inventory and benefit from our superior customer service.

Our goal is to make shopping for and buying a new dump trailer a simple, beneficial process from beginning to end. To start looking at new dump trailers, please view our inventory online today. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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