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Whether you need a trailer to keep your business operations going or complete DIY projects you want to finish, it’s crucial to purchase the right trailer from a reputable dealer. If you’re ready to invest in a trailer, turn to us at Trailers Direct of Springfield. We’re your source for high-quality trailers, and we offer a comprehensive selection of trailers of all shapes and sizes to our Shelbyville, Illinois customers.

Trailers in Shelbyville, Illinois

Some of the different types of trailers we sell include cargo, aluminum, deck-over, equipment, dump, gooseneck, and hotshot trailers. Just let us know what type of trailer you need, and we’ll run through our inventory to make suggestions based on your preferences and budget. Our sales team is helpful, friendly, and dedicated to providing great customer service. We never use sales gimmicks or high-pressure sales tactics, and our goal is always to do what’s best for our customers.

Not only do we sell trailers, but we’re also your source for reliable trailer parts and service. If you need a new axle, a suspension component, or lights for your trailer, we’ve got you covered with whatever you could need. On the service side of things, we can help you with everything with routine maintenance to a complete overhaul of your trailer.

Our team is proud of our extensive knowledge of trailers, and we’re ready to make sure you find the perfect trailer for your needs. View our inventory online to see what kind of options we currently have in stock or contact us directly if you have any questions.

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